Will Alycia be on air Monday? Don't bet on it


Just days before CBS3 anchor Alycia Lane's "three-week vacation" is set to expire, the station says it has "nothing new to report" as to when the beleaguered babe will return to the anchor desk alongside Larry Mendte. Lane's absence began Dec. 17, a day after the Daily News first reported here that Lane had been locked up in New York after allegedly striking a female NYPD officer and calling her a "fucking dyke," during a 2 a.m. altercation. CBS3 issued a statement saying she would start a scheduled vacation a week early. Station sources say they expect the outcome of Lane's April 3 hearing in New York, where she's facing one felony assault charge, to determine if and when she returns to CBS3's air. Lane did not return an e-mail seeking comment on her legal situation or when she may return.