Video: Guy from 5th & Washington talks tough, gets knocked out

While we hate to glorify violence, here's a reminder that somebody always has a video camera to capture your most embarrassing situation. It's not clear what these two are arguing about but if you watch this video, which we warn is graphic, it is clear that the gentleman from "5th & Washington" started it.

UPDATE: 97.5 The Fanatic tracked down the guys in the fight and Jon Marks and Sean Brace interviewed them both on-air Saturday morning. You can hear their interview here. Vince, the winner, revealed that the fight took place at 65th & Callowhill in West Philadelphia about three weeks ago. They're neighbors and according to Vince, Raymo, who said on the radio that he's actually from 5th & Washington in Camden, not South Philly, had been harassing his girlfriend in the supermarket. Raymo said on air he was drunk and didn't remember much of the fight. The pair have hung out since, said Raymo, who is disappointed that the fight has gone viral. He hasn't seen it again as he doesn't have a computer.