Ye Olde Webbe Logge

Oh, boy, you're thinking. This guy is starting a blog in 2010! What's next, a newsletter run off his mimeograph machine? A Prodigy messageboard?
Fair point. There are reasons it has taken this long, most of them best left unsaid (for now; I reserve the right to fire those bullets later). Mostly, there just seemed to be so many blogs out there, I couldn't see the point of adding to the noise. Kinda the feeling I get when I walk into a Barnes and Noble and see all those books. Who's going to read 'em all? Why bother writing any new ones?
So why now? Well, why not? There is an overwhelming number of blogs, but not exactly a surplus of really good ones. A lot of my colleagues start one up, attend to it for a couple months and then let it go fallow. Other ones just seem like so much Deadspin Lite. Rather than see PhilaBuster as throwing another blog on the fire, I'm hoping to use it as a place to take care of some stuff that doesn't fit in the regular Inquirer column. Short pieces. One-liners. Snarky observations. Thoughts on music, beer and wine (and cocktails!), movies, cultural idiocy.
Anyway, that's the idea. Welcome. If this place goes dead in a month or two, you can write me off as just another MSM type who didn't get it.

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