WWE Monday Night Raw results (6/24): Daniel Bryan defeats Randy Orton, CM Punk, Paul Heyman have a heart-to-heart

Here’s a rundown of the June 24 edition of Monday Night Raw.

This edition of Raw came to us from the North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, S.C.

We started the show with Daniel Bryan, who comes out to yet another rousing ovation. He grabs a microphone and talks about how he’s always been called too small and the weak link. He also says that he will beat his opponent Monday, Randy Orton, which cues Orton’s music and brings us to:

Match 1 – Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

This is a rubber match between the two. Orton won last week when Bryan was legitimately hurt and the match was stopped. On Smackdown!, Bryan won via countout, but was not satisfied with winning that way.

The two combatants come out brawling, to the point where the official loses control of the match and declares it a no-contest.

More officials come out to separate the two.

Result: No-contest

After the commercial break, Bryan is in the locker room and is demanding Raw managing supervisor Vickie Guerrero give him a match against Orton again later in the night. Guerrero is reluctant, but eventually obliges.

Vince McMahon walks in after Bryan left and says that Bryan is too small and mentally unstable, thus not deserving of another match with Orton. Guerrero follows the boss’ orders and is ready to cancel the match.

Match 2 – Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) vs. Sheamus and Christian

Christian and Rhodes do most of the work in the match until Christian is able to tag in Sheamus. Sheamus cleans house and capitalizes on a mix-up between Rhodes and Sandow to hit Rhodes with the Brogue Kick and pick up the victory.

Winner: Sheamus and Christian

We cut to the backstage area where CM Punk is sitting to himself. Guerrero walks over to him to tell him that he has a match later in the night. All Punk is concerned with, however, is the whereabouts of Paul Heyman and the man who attacked him last week, Brock Lesnar.

Guerrero has no idea where they are. Punk says he doesn’t want to hear anything else.

Match 3 – Kaitlyn vs. Aksana

Not much to speak of from the match itself except for A.J. coming out during the match dressed as Kaitlyn — with fake muscles and all.

Kaitlyn is momentarily distracted, but still manages to hit Aksana with spear to pick up the win.

Winner: Kaitlyn

After the match, A.J. is on the microphone mocking Kaitlyn. She then brings out Big E Langston, the supposed secret admirer of Kaitlyn. The duo reenacts the segment between Langston and Kaitlyn from a couple of weeks ago and further embarrass Kaitlyn.

Match 4 – Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio

Before the match, it was officially announced that Dolph Ziggler will challenge Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at Money in the Bank in Philadelphia July 14.

As for the match itself, it's close to pay-per-view quality. It gets a significant amount of time and the crowd is into it. The match ends when Del Rio’s ring announcer/sidekick Ricardo Rodriguez hits Jericho with the bucket he carries, which forces the official to call the match off due to disqualification.

Winner: Chris Jericho via disqualification

Right after the bell rings, Ziggler comes out and attacks Del Rio. After Ziggler hits Del Rio with the Zig Zag, he and Jericho are left in the ring. The two have had a long rivalry and Ziggler doesn't forget about it as he also hits Jericho with the Zig Zag.

As Vince McMahon did earlier in the show, Triple H decides to stop by Guerrero’s office. Triple H liked the idea of the Bryan-Orton rematch until Guerrero told him that she had intended on cancelling the match because of what Vince McMahon said.

Triple H disagrees with Vince McMahon and says the match is going to happen because the fans want to see it. The match is not only back on, but fans will get to decide the stipulation through the WWE app.

After a break, Guerrero, her assistant Brad Maddox and Jerry "The King" Lawler are in the ring to reveal the cover of the WWE ’14 video game.

Guerrero cuts off Lawler, which brings about a shower of boos from the crowd for several minutes as she tried to speak.

Eventually, they get to the whole point to as to why they are out there and reveal that The Rock is on the cover.

Match 5 – Ryback vs. The Great Khali

As with most matches that involve Khali, there isn’t much to say about it. Ryback picks Khali up and marches him around twice for the Shell Shock. That's about it.

Winner: Ryback

After some commercials, John Cena hit the ring to cut a promo about Mark Henry, who double-crossed him last week. Cena cuts his usual promo claims that he will defeat Henry at Money in the Bank in Philly.

Match 6 – Tons of Funk (Broadus Clay and Sweet T) vs. 3MB (Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal) vs. The Usos

The winners of this match become the No. 1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships currently held by The Shield.

It doesn't take too long before The Usos pick up the victory.

Winner: The Usos

After the match, The Shield make their way into the arena to have a stare down with The Usos.

Out next is Heyman who asked to be joined by CM Punk. Punk comes out and demands Heyman to be honest with him as to why Lesnar attacked him last week. Heyman swears on his children that he had nothing to with Lesnar attacking Punk and that he wouldn’t be dumb enough to turn on his best friend. Heyman professes his love for Punk. Punk says he believes it and is sorry he ever doubted him.

Match 7 - CM Punk vs. Darren Young

Punk makes Young look very good during his match. Everyone knew that Punk would win, but Young puts up a good fight. Punk eventually makes Young tap out to the Anaconda Vice.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match, Young’s tag team partner Titus O’Neil jumps in the ring to gang up on Punk.

This brings out Curtis Axel, another charge of Heyman, to make the save. Punk rejects the help after the two clear the ring.

Stephanie McMahon meets with Guerrero in her office and asks if she had announced the members of the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match. Guerrero says she forgot because of all of the stuff that was going on that night. McMahon says that it’s OK and says she’ll do it herself.

McMahon comes out into the arena and announces the seven men that will take part in the match: CM Punk, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Kane, Christian and the returning Rob Van Dam.

Ryback is also in Guerrero’s office and demands her to cancel the title match between Cena and Henry and give him another shot at Cena. He is cut off by Jericho who is upset that he is not in the Money in the Bank match – a match that he invented.

Guerrero settles the small spat by booking the two for a match against each other at Money in the Bank.

Punk is in his locker room again and is still upset at Heyman for having Axel come out to help him. Heyman says he understands why Punk is so mad, but still tries to book the two as tag team partners for next week. Punk is not happy about the development.

After a break, Henry comes out into the arena and dons another suit. He cuts a promo about how he fooled everyone into thinking he was going to retire last week. He also speaks about how was always told what to do with his career and that those days are over.

Match 8 – Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton – No disqualification match

The WWE Universe voted for the stipulation via the WWE app and the match starts exactly how the other did: fast and furious.

Each combatant puts the other through a table and beats each other up pretty well.

The finish comes when Bryan has Orton in the No Lock. Orton grabbed a Kendo stick and hit Bryan in an attempt to break the hold. Bryan then grabbs the stick himself and puts it across Orton’s face to force him to tap out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

The two shake hands after the match as Bryan’s push to the top continues.