Video: Race horse Spicer Cub places after veering off course

Spicer Cub may be the fastest horse I have ever seen.

Granted, I know very little about horse racing, but my (also) limited knowledge of geometry tells me that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

Spicer Cub, the miracle horse in the video below, either doesn't believe in that geometric fact, has really bad ADD, or was distracted by someone eating a turkey leg in the first row.

During a race this past Sunday at Pimlico, Spicer Cub, who was leading heading into the home stretch, took a hard right on a track that doesn't require horses to be ambi-turners. They only need to keep turning left.

Just when you think he is long gone, out of nowhere, Spicer Cub comes charging back into view, and makes a valiant effort, losing by just a nose.

That makes me wonder: How many lengths would he have won by had he not made the sudden detour?