Shane Victorino outed as diabolical genius

Shane Victorino, always finding a way to get hurt. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Shane Victorino is playing in the post season, and the Phillies are not. It's a sad tale, but despite his new colors, it's still easy to root for Shane as his eyes bug out while he rounds the bases like a cartoon character.

But some people don't find Victorino's antics too inspiring. Tigers ace Justin Verlander has officially called out the former Phillie for standing too close to the plate and therefore trying to get hit by a pitch on purpose.

Some baseball computering has indicated that no, Victorino is not doing that

Still, Shane responded, saying that the umpires have already talked to him about where he stands, and he's not going to change. The part that disappointed him about Verlander's accusation was the assertion that the pitches hitting Victorino are strikes:

"If he can prove to me and show me which one he thought was a strike that was a legitimate strike that I got hit on, then — but as I said, I'm not mad. Hey, it is what it is. It's your opinion."

But in the mean time, why approach this rationally? This is a postseason narrative thread and we shall FOLLOW IT TO THE BITTER END.