RGIII's worst hit of the night

- You're going to see a lot of recaps for last night's Niners-Redskins Monday Night Football game, but the only one you really need is this one.

- Washington's owner, Dan Snyder, continued to not change his team's name, despite pleading from Native Americans and others including the president, and indicated that, by honoring Navajo code talkers on the field last night, decked out in Redskins gear.

- You know who really "gets" Philadelphia is that boy band we all love.

- Some players were upset that shortstop Jhonny Peralta got a great deal from the Cardinals, even after being suspended 50 games for PEDs. But the Cardinals defended their move, saying they aren't the "morality police."

Which I guess means they haven't completed training at the Morality Police Academy, but know enough of the curriculum to bark at other teams from time to time.

- Kobe Bryant may be 35 and signing a two-year, $48.5 million extension, but here are the reasons that is not nearly enough money.

- In the most adorable leaked story ever, news of free agent outfielder David Murphy's signing with the Indians broke yesterday because his daughter let it slip to one of her teachers.