Introducing the 18-year-old Phillies prospect who throws 99 | NAPSTS podcast

Columnists Mike Sielski (left) and David Murphy, hosts of the "Not Another Philly Sports Talk Show" podcast.

Bob Brookover joined Mike Sielski and David Murphy for an hour of Phillies and Eagles talk on the latest episode of our weekly podcast, Not Another Philly Sports Talk Show. Brookie recently profiled Phillies prospect Sixto Sanchez, who is generally regarded as having the highest ceiling of any pitcher in the system. We also talked about the Joe Mixon situation as it pertains to the Eagles, and a variety of other NFL draft-related topics. 

Here is a rough table of contents for those looking for a specific topic:

8:10 - Sielski talks about the latest battle in the War on Flyers Fans. 

13:53 - Inquirer columnist Bob Brookover, who covered the Phillies and Eagles for more years than he cares to remember, joins the show to talk about his recent profile on 18-year-old Phillies sensation Sixto Sanchez and the NFL draft. 

14:00 - Joe Mixon discussion: Raising some uncomfortable questions about the running back. 

25:45 - Would the Eagles draft a player who isn’t at one of their glaring positions of need? 

33:43 - Brookie’s thoughts on the direction the Eagles took their roster this offseason and where it leaves them heading into the draft.

48:10 - Sixto Sanchez talk. Mickey Moniak talk. Daniel Brito talk. Phillies talk.

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Searching for Sixto with Bob Brookover