Pair of Marlins fight for dominance of third base

The Marlins tried to sneak two runners onto a single base. Naturally, the baseball press blamed Yasiel Puig. This and other Tim Tebow news awaits us today.

  • Well, I hope you know how to subside on shaming, self-righteous columns written by men with varying degrees of hair, because that’s what Yasiel Puig sentenced us to after getting benched in mid-game for “disciplinary reasons.”
  • Aw, come on, Marlins.


  • Tim Tebow may not be able to throw very accurately, or while running, or during a football game, but I’ll be gosh darned if he’s not gonna get one more chance.
  • “I have a lot of friends who have been hit by cars,” is something a cyclist really shouldn’t have to say just because he or she lives in a big city. 
  • Adam LaRoche feels bad enough about striking out, he doesn't need you mouthing off to him, floating baseball helmet.
  • Meanwhile some teams don’t even really need outfielders, when they have Didi Gregorious.

  • Hey, here’s a fun thought as summer comes to a close – we’ve all been sleeping in a wretched hive of skittering bed bugs. And before you think, “Yes, well, it’s a universal problem, can’t really escape it,” keep in mind that in Philly, there are more bed bugs than anywhere else. Except Cincinnati, obviously.
  • Top-half-of-the-order hitter Brandon Phillips is really angry at how his low on base percentage makes it look like his on base percentage isn’t very high.
  • Sure, we could show you a squirrel running onto the court at the U.S. Open like everybody else. But wouldn’t you rather see… Air Jordan vs. BBQ sauce?!