Nationals ruin perfectly good no-hitter

+ I’m not sure there’s a reason baseball has 27 outs, other than to make no-hitters all the more impossible. Here’s what the 27th out didn’t look like in Cardinals rookie Michael Wacha’s 8.2 no-hit innings last night.


+ Meanwhile, anyone whose been accusing Jose Reyes of being a sorcerer caught a big break last night as he used magic powers to evade a tag at second base.

[Blue Jay Hunter]

+ And Jason Giambi celebrated his walk-off home run to keep the Tribe alive with a 5-4 win by crushing Terry Francona’s torso.

[Indians tumblr]

+ “Science” has been placed on hold for the next few weeks as its chief advocate has hurt himself dancing.

+ A Braves fan puts his belief that the Braves “have the runs,”  into a song.

+ Gotta be the photo of the year, I'll bet.

What a perfect time to ensure that NBA organizations can get along well enough to host an All-Star Game.

+ Look, if you can't score a goal without your pants on, I don't even know what you're doing in this league, buddy.

+ Remember becoming so inconsolably furious at Madden that your parents would find you clutching the controller, while quivering as tears streamed down your face?  No?  Anyway, here's the face of your initial optimism as the Xbox warmed up.