Minor league umpire ejects ballpark DJ for playing 'Three Blind Mice'

Why do the best - and most bizarre - baseball stories always come out of the minor league ciruit?

This one comes from the Daytona Cubs, single-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs.

After an umpire made a questionable call at first base during last night's game, Cubs ballpark deejay Derek Dye played the classic nursery rhyme "Three Blind Mice" in an attempt to mock the call.

Home plate umpire Mario Seneca took offense to Dye's decision to play the song and promptly ejected him from the stadium. Here is how the scene unfolded according to MiLB.com:

Seneca wheeled, pointed to Dye in the press box and shouted, "You're done!" Ditto for the Cubs' public-address announcer.

"Turn the sound off for the rest of the night," Seneca could be heard yelling during the Cubs' broadcast.

At first, the play-by-play announcer believe that it was Cubs manager Brian Harper that was being ejected, but once he found out it was Dye, he said it was "absolutely awesome." The color analyst added what may be the best line of the vide (see below), when he yelled "Put him in the box score!"

Dye, an intern with the Cubs who is on summer break from University of Illinois, seemed to take the ejection in stride, posting the following on his twitter account:

@DerekDye: Get ejected from a professional baseball game. Check.

@DerekDye: If nothing else, I have a new pick-up line... "Hey, my name's Derek and I've been ejected from a pro baseball game." It's bulletproof.

Here's a look at the full video: