Mike Ditka has some sort of issue with Gary Kubiak coaching from press box

Mike Ditka, callin' 'um like he sees 'um: wrongly. (AP Photo/David Richard)

Two weeks ago, Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak collapsed on the field during halftime of a Monday Night Football game against the Colts.

Rushed to the hospital, Kubiak was said to have suffered a mini-stroke, and will return to the field today. Well, he'll be in the press box, as a precaution for his very scary health issue from just 14 days ago.

Naturally, Mike Ditka has a problem with this.

And so, the NFL's culture of "manliness" rolls on. Or, it does something manlier. I guess it BULLDOZES ON. Yeah.

Whatever the verb, it continues, now with a man who just suffered a mini-stroke during game having his title of "coach" questioned because he is sitting in a chair above the field, instead of standing on it.