Kid shoots half-court shot to pay for school

Another busy weekend for people who like their news in short, bulleted points.

  • Troy Tulowitzki didn't believe what he'd just seen after Jose Fernandez speared his base hit out of the air, and had to make sure the ball hadn't just gone to another dimension.


  • After another disappointing performance, Tim Lincecum fled the stadium yesterday.

  • I'm sure we all watched the VMAs last night, and because scientists have been working round the clock to burn any memories of that whole thing Miley Cyrus did from our brains, this moment becomes the best part by default.
  • ESPN found the best way to get emotional responses from kids in the Little League World Series. Besides, you know, asking them questions and stuff.
  • Ah, nothing beats America's pastime, broadcasting America's other pastime. 
  • This kid was given three shots to make a half-court shot for a year’s worth of college tuition. He didn’t make it in three shots.

  • So, it finally happened.