Joe West will seriously be an umpire in the ALCS

Joe West, pointing at stuff. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Poor quality umpire, questionably proud musician and barely-functioning adult Joe West has once again been blessed my Major League Baseball to serve as an umpire in the pivotal American League Championship Series.

West, who is best known for either not possessing the intelligence to make correct calls and needing attention to feel okay about himself, has turned the ALCS into a ticking clock, counting down until the moment he inevitably makes a horrendous call because he's bored and changes the outcome of the series. He will be the crew chief and the home plate umpire in Game 1 as the Red Sox face the Tigers.

At least Angel Hernandez didn't make the squad; Hernandez being the umpire who was so bad in combination with West that MLB was forced to take them off the same crew.

It's seniority that reigns in MLB, however, and West has it, as the longest-tenured umpire in the game today. He's been calling games since 1976, and has had a mostly quiet year, as far as blown calls or attention-whoring go. Might be that he's saving it all for the playoffs.