It's getting pretty sexy in Nashville

- The battle of the blue's happened last night on Thursday Night Football, when the Colts took on the Titans in Nashville, Tennessee, the city most often equated with sexually charged gyrating.

- Down on the field, things were a bit less highly sensual, what with the bare-headed headbutts and all.

- Andrew McCutchen and Miguel Cabrera had a busy day of waiting to be named the best baseball players of the year on Thursday, and really took it out on themselves.

- They must have been in line when Dez Bryant walked into Wal-Mart.

- Cabrera beat out his more well-rounded and sabermetrically supported AL counterpart, Mike Trout, to win the award. Boisterous SABR guy Brian Kenny of MLB Network was ridiculed endlessly by FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal, a man who always wears a bow tie and apparently never goes anywhere without Jon Morosi.

- MLB instituted Phase 1 of Operaion: Sub-Human Element yesterday with the approval of funding for instant replay.

- PICTURED: Michael Jordan, before announcing his decision to suit up and start for the Charlotte Bobcats in 2015.

- In response to MLB's blowing off the dust of their archaic rules, the NFL will look into protecting its players. Provided they are quarterbacks.

- The NBA's gift to you this Christmas is sleeves. So, merry Christmas, or something.