Google reaches out to NFL over Sunday Ticket package

Google is already the most lucrative set of multicolored letters in the known universe. There's nothing like assimilating with the most financially successful professional sports league to keep that momentum.

The clock is ticking on DirecTV's deal with the NFL and their Sunday Ticket package. By the end of 2014, it will be up for grabs, and the league already has some potential suitors fluttering their eye lashes (including Apple).

Roger Goodell led a contingency of suits into a meeting with Google CEO Larry Page and YouTube exec Robert Kyncl, during which the very topic of Google picking up where DirecTV may leave off was discussed.

With a price tag of a mere $1 billion, Google would most likely have to pay slightly more to secure the rights, and lose money in the process, but could use the deal to vault the TV industry into a more web-oriented direction. Which *might* in the end prove valuable for them.

And has only led to the birth of the industry's most beloved figures.