Gonzalez embraces Mickey Mouse role

+ Adrian Gonzalez, accused of being Mickey Mouse by Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright, confirmed his secret identity yesterday after the first of two mammoth home runs that helped the Dodgers fend off elimination in the NLCS.

+ Meanwhile, the Tigers got things even with the Red Sox in Game Four of the ALCS, which featured the ultra-rare Miguel Cabrera stolen base. The reason it is ultra-rare is because the other team is usually so shocked they do not bother to react.

+ The Lions' Ndamukong Suh recently set a new bar for himself.

That brings his career fine total to $209,000, for those playing at home. Also for those playing at home, stay at home - it's probably where you're safest from Ndamukong Suh.

+ Oh, almost forgot - here's a play from the ALCS in which a runner was called out and I guess the rules of baseball changed in mid-play.

+ Patrick Roy has set an NHL record with wins in his first six games as a head coach. He has also set the record for destroyed walls as a head coach.

+ Hey why don't you come on out to see some literally unwatchable Sixers basketball.

+ NBA players recently decided that they would NOT want the ball in LeBron James' hands to make a winning shot. LeBron responded the way he should and could respond to everything, but honestly just not giving a crap.

I mean he may have gone home and polished his MVP awards or NBA Championship rings or Olympic gold medals.