Eagles fans' threats cancel Saints fans' Rocky run at Art Museum

Nice job, people.

We told you yesterday that a group of Saints fans coming to town for Saturday's playoff game was going to do a run en masse up the Art Museum steps.

Lo and behold, the word got around. And as NJ.com's Eliot Shorr-Parks, writes, you all had a role in spreading the news.

Yes, you: the legendarily polite, gracious, down-to-earth commenters here on Philly.com. Shorr-Parks gave you all credit (ahem) for your remarks.

Some more kind souls on Twitter also offered their own hospitality.

Having noted the reception that was awaiting his party, the guy who was trying to organize the run decided to cancel it.

So congratulations, Eagles fans. You'll have the Art Museum steps all to yourselves for the weekend. That's what you really wanted, right?

And we'll all forget about this in a few days, like everything else that ever gave Philly fans a bad rap. I'm sure of it.