Donovan McNabb: RGIII isn't Peyton Manning or Drew Brees

So now Donovan McNabb wants Robert Griffin III to keep his mouth shut?

Says him?

I mean, Fox gave McNabb a national TV show. So you knew he'd say something like this sooner or... well, not even later. Sooner, period.

This happened on Friday, and maybe it says something about how few people are watching Fox Sports Live that it didn't get so widely circulated until after the long weekend.

McNabb was asked by Fox Sports Live host Charissa Thompson why RGIII is in the headlines. 

You could argue that the correct answer is "because Donovan McNabb keeps talking about him."

McNabb, of course, would never confess to his myriad attempts to make the sports media world revolve around himself.

(Because that would require him to be honest about his failings, for once.)

So he said this, as transcribed by the Washington Post's Sarah Kogod:

Well, because he inserts himself in it. And that’s the whole thing about it is, one thing you have to understand at the quarterback position, just take a look at what Peyton’s doing. Take a look at what Drew Brees is doing. Some of these experienced players who have been in this league, it’s not about you, it’s about the team. And focus on what you need to do in order to get back out on the football field.

Yes, friends, Donovan McNabb told a national television audience (such as Fox Sports Live has one) that "it's not about you." And he invoked Peyton Manning and Drew Brees in doing so.

Surely no one has ever compared McNabb to either of them, right?

Because it's not like Manning or Brees ever won a Sup.... oh.

Funny how that works.