Dolphins receiver conducts interview from job at drive thru

Miami Dolphins receiever and recent millionaire Brian Hartline was on The Dan LeBatard Show (790TheTicket in Miami) Wednesday afternoon to talk about his recent five-year, $31 million deal with Miami.

As the interview came to a close, the discussion shifted toward the Dolphins' offseason moves, and Hartline admitted he was having a hard time staying up to date on them, especially Wednesday:

"Today I'm kinda busy. I'm working at a drive thru up in Ohio, freezing my butt off."

"You're working in a drive thru?"

"Yeah, you know, a drive thru convenience store?"


"That's where I work."

Hartline said he and his friend Jesse - whose been running stores like this since he was 15 - bought the store, Smart Stop, in January and business has been pretty good, but they are out of skim milk at the moment. 

LeBatard mentioned that he didn't think Brandon Marshall had this kind of supplemental income, and Hartline noted that "Brandon Marshall makes more money than me."

"Hartline, what kind of dream is this?" LeBatard asked, having thought the receiver was joking.

"The dream," he replied.

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