Doc Rivers wanted to call Bill Simmons an idiot, and then did

The NBA Draft brought out some feistiness in former Celtics head coach Doc Rivers and ESPN analyst Bill Simmons.

Simmons, a Boston sports fan, has long claimed that Rivers quit on the Celtics; an accusation that Rivers would naturally find offensive. During an interview last evening, Rivers got the chance to respond to the allegation and did so.

Nice to see Rivers take the high road on th - hey, wait a minute!  He said he didn't want to call him an idiot, but then basically did!

Cut back to Simmons, who got all quivery and small-pupiled before getting himself together and stating his take, again. Then there was some silence as the analysts tried to move on and think of something else to talk about.

But it wasn't over!

Twitter was the next arena, where Rivers' son Jeremiah took Simmons to task.

So I think we can all agree that this was the sports story of the century.