Tony Romo, Cowboys defense ensure humiliating loss in Dallas

- The Cowboys were having problems Sunday afternoon, as a 26-3 lead disappeared against the Packers and led to a humiliating 37-36 loss, keeping the Eagles in first place.

- The Eagles' momentum  was no match for the endless mediocrity of a 3-9 Vikings squad. Even on the sidelines, things were so loose, DeSean Jackson felt comfortable enough to shout at people.

Just a real fun game to watch.

- "Watching," of course, being a key aspect to the game of football.

- This was actually one of the most potent weekends for football .gifs. We had E.J. Manuel's crip walk, Steven Jackson's slaying of the Redskins' secondary, and the Buccanneers' kick return from hell.

Cue the abandonment issues.

- There are plenty of disgruntled parties in D.C. at the moment, and one of them is now Mike Shanahan's offensive coordinator/son.

- Don't worry, Adrian Peterson. You're not going anywhere.

- The average age of Eli Manning's taunters has dropped another generation after his brilliant five-interception performance on Sunday.

- After a disappointing 24-20 loss to the Dolphins, Tom Brady for some reason wasn't feeling a post game Q&A

- Man, I want to like a baseball team whose players ask for throwing partners on Twitter.

- All right, one more .gif. We'll end with "Angrily-pointing Rashad Johnson."

- I don't know what Hunter Pence is up to, but there is an odd sense of menace about his Christmas plans.