Charles Barkley shines on The Price is Right

Charles Barkley makes his debut on the Price is Right just one day after his 50th birthday.

Ever wonder if Charles Barkley would be a good host on The Price is Right? Me neither. But he made his debut on the day time show Thursday so you can judge for yourself. His game show appearance comes just a day after his 50th birthday so I guess that was his initiation into the senior citizens club.

In this first clip Charles presents Showcases to contestants Michael and Colby where they take a look at their possible winnings, which included getaways and a brand new car, obviously. You have to hand it to Charles; he is on point with those hand motions! Pun intended.

Contestant Nazir seeks help from Charles in this clip from Let Em Roll. But when Nazir decides to pass up the $4,000 for another roll at winning a car, Charles attempts to stop him. Nazir knew better and went for the roll anyway. Check out who’s decision was better:

Charles finally gets his chance to compete in Come on Down. Host Drew Carey presents him with a number of Charles-related products such as Look Who’s Talking Now on DVD, Nike Air Max Barkley’s and even a vintage Kenny Smith trading card. Charles wasn’t too bad at guessing within his allotted price range.

Ever wonder what Charles would look like in a LBD (little black dress)? Me neither. But viewers were lucky, or not so lucky, enough to see him model it in a picture as Charles guessed within $50 of the actual price.



Let’s just hope he sticks to sports.