Bryce Harper not a fan of your thoughts

  • It’s a short week, and we have a lot of important stuff to cover. So you just get started with the “NFL quarterbacks photo shopped to look like their team name” thing while I prepare the others.
  • You never got to Coca-Cola Park this summer like you planned, did you? Don’t worry. Literally everyone else did.



  • You may think it’s pretty cool to see the Phillies beat the Nationals, but get this – Bryce Harper doesn’t care what you think. Which makes your thoughts barely worth having.
  • Quickly, now - we must decide whose camera staredown is creepier, Chris Davis' or Jimmy Rollins'.


  • “You can't arrest me; I'm a Colts player," said a man in 2013 who thought this would prevent him preventing him from being arrested.
  • ESPN: The Magazine is hoping to get your attention with their NFL postseason picks by doing things like picking the Dolphins and Chiefs and other things like not picking the Patriots.
  • But there aren't a ton of surprises on Grantland's list of the probably eight worst teams in the NFL this season. 
  • I wonder what Mark Sanchez is thinking as the Jets carefully cut around him, and then bring in outside QB help
  • Well, just in case you’d forgotten about Jeremy Lin’s particular media circus, here is a documentary to remind you that it happened and just because it’s over doesn’t mean you can’t still make money off of it.