Celek talks Flyers with Barry Melrose

He might not be Tila Tequila, but Eagles tight end Brent Celek is becoming a Twitter and Facebook sensation.  Best of all, he is doing it the right way. Celek has recently made an effort to become more in touch with his fans by sharing information through social networking. 

This is great news for fans. Celek's post are not only funny, but they are far from crossing any lines that would upset Eagles' brass. Maybe he took a lesson from Ochocinco, but whatever he did, his stock among fans has never been higher.

Recently, Celek went up to Bristol, CT to appear on NFL Live. While he was there he flipped the script on the folks at ESPN, conducting interviews on his own camera and posting them on Facebook.

Who did Brent interview? How about Barry Melrose?

What did they talk about? The Flyers, of course...

Click here to watch the video of Barry Melrose that Celek posted.