Bernard Hopkins takes another swing at Donovan McNabb

It's been four years since Donovan McNabb suited up for the Eagles, but Philadelphia native boxer Bernard Hopkins still isn't done with him.

After speaking on age, motivation, and ego, in an interview with FOX 29, the 48-year-old boxer and Eagles fan landed on his favorite topic: Donovan McNabb.

McNabb's attempt to give advice to Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was not welcome news for Hopkins, who responded with disbelief.

"A fool can give you advice to not be a fool," he replied. "...[anyone] can give you advice, but is it the right advice?"

Hopkins then said McNabb "conned" his way through the NFL, and complimented his Chunky Soup commercial, saying McNabb "became Chunky Soup" and "blew it."

Having long harbored issues with McNabb's suburban upbringing, Hopkins blames McNabb's lack of "heart" for the Eagles missing a Super Bowl during the quarterback's tenure. Hopkins has in the past claimed McNabb "got a suntan, that's all."