The original 'Bastards'

Maybe one of the reasons Quentin Tarantino insists on spelling Inglourious Basterds the way he does (the director’s not saying) is that there’s already a Spell-Checked Inglorious Bastards out there in the universe.

Released in 1978, Enzo Castellari’s World War II action pic remains a cult fave, revered in certain cinema circles – Tarantino’s circle being one of the more notable. (Tag line on the original poster: "Whatever the Dirty Dozen did, they do it dirtier!") To capitalize on the new Weinstein Brothers' release, the first Inglorious has just been sent out on DVD and Blu-Ray via Severin Films. Bo Svenson and Fred Williamson star as members of a gang of criminals who escape an Allied prison convoy with a plan to hop over the Swiss border, but end up ‘volunteering’ for a suicide mission deep inside Nazi-occupied France instead.

Svenson’s the head Bastard in Castellari’s flick, Brad Pitt the head Basterd in Tarantino’s. The latter film definitely veers off into different territory, plot-wise, albeit still in Nazi-occupied France. Both Svenson and director Castellari show up to do cameos in Tarantino’s $70 million over-the-top Holocaust revenge actioner.