'Human Centipede' horrific, horrible, a midnight movie must-see!

The Human Centipede bills itself as “100 percent medically accurate.” Okay, if you can find a retired German surgeon bent (truly bent) on fusing live human hostages together to form his vision of Siamese Triplets, well, then, accurate this is.

A gleefully twisted biological horror flick that’s been drawing midnight crowds in New York, Los Angeles and other burgs across the land, Dutch director Tom Six’s sick joke of a movie is an extremely accomplished and uncomfortable affair. Much of the uncomfortableness comes by way of Dieter Laser, the German actor who portrays the demented medico. (Yes, the actor’s name is Laser – insert your Laser surgery joke here). And when two American girls (Ashley C. Williams and Ashlynn Yennie) stumble on the good doctor’s out-of-the-way villa on a dark and stormy night, well, let the madness, and the grossness, begin! (Another abductee is already down there in the basement.)
The Human Centipede plays this Friday, May 21, at midnight at the Ritz Five. Here’s the trailer. And here's Six --who's reportedly already at work on Human Centipede II -- from his director’s statement: “A lot of horror films are about the fear of death, but in my film, it is much more the intense and long human suffering, both mental and physical, that fuels the drama.”
Squirm, baby, squirm.