J.J. Abrams and Spielberg reveal secrets of 'Super 8'

Snooping kids… exploding trains… missing dogs… sinister Army guys… The lid’s coming off of Super 8, the until-recently super-top-secret summer release scripted and directed by J.J. Abrams  --  creator of Lost, director of the Star Trek reboot and the best of the Mission: Impossibles (III, of course).

Abrams let the cats out of the bag, screening 20 minutes of Super 8 rough footage at CinemaCon, the industry confab in Las Vegas, yesterday. It’s an idea that he had taken to producer Steven Spielberg (and an idea that owes more than a little to Spielberg’s E.T.): a bunch of smalltown kids make their own Super 8 movies (it’s 1979), and happen to film the fireballing wreck of a freight train carrying a mysterious and menacing cargo. Grave and serious stuff ensues.

“Think Goonies or E.T.,”  Josh L. Dickey reported in Variety, noting that Abrams throws his pipsqueak stars (Elle Fanning, Gabriel Basso) into the thick of  “a violent and suspenseful thriller.”

The trailer, which has been up for a few weeks, is here: