LSU's Miles went over the line criticizing Notre Dame top recruit Gunner Kiel

Back off, Les Miles.

And for you, Anger Management Kelly, I grant you full power to let loose that flow of invectives usually reserved for your quarterbacks on the sidelines on Saturday afternoons and spew them at Miles, who went way over the line in criticizing the Irish's No. 1 recruit, Gunner Kiel.

Kiel, from Columbus, Indiana, the No. 2 quarterback in the nation according to ESPNU rankings, reneged on an oral commitment to the Tigers and instead opted for South Bend, where he is already enrolled. In fact, Anger Management Kelly said Kiel will compete for the No. 1 job and even wear No. 1.

Now I beg AMK to give it full blast to Miles, who dissed Kiel in an appearance at the Tiger Gridiron Club's signing day Bayou Bash (guess Bash is the operative word) this week after National Signing Day on Wednesday.

Miles questioned Kiel's ability to lead as reported by The Daily Reveille, the stident newspaper at LSU. The spurned LSU coach said:

"There was a gentleman from Indiana that thought about coming to the Bayou state. He did not necessarily have the chest and the ability to lead a program, so you know."

OK, AMK, time to protect your quarterback. Don't let Miles have the last word. It's one thing to criticize the system and not be happy at losing a top prospect. That happens to every coach, including AMK. But don't knock the kid. That's off limits, bad taste and just wrong.

Doesn't have the chest means he has no heart. Can't lead means no guts and no brains.


But then again, this is a coach down in the Bayou steaming from getting pummeled by Alabama in the national championship game, with a quarterback who was arrested earlier in the season and charged with second-degree battery and suspended from the team for kicking a man who was lying on the ground during a fight in Baton Rouge.

Earlier in 2011, Miles visited Michigan, reportedly interviewing for tha head coaching job. Thought you had a contract and a commitment, Mr. Miles. Oh, all's fair, right?

So AMK, call Bad Form Les Miles out. But don't wait. Stomp on him right now.