Tuck latest Giant to respond to McCoy

Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck said he took issue with LeSean McCoy's jab at Osi Umeniyora. (Clem Murray/Staff Photographer)

The LeSean McCoy/Giants back-and-forth is the gift that keeps on giving this offseason.

If you need a quick refresher, a couple weeks ago, McCoy Tweeted that Giants defensive lineman Osi Umenyiora was soft and overrated.

Umenyiora was in no mood to let that jab go, responding by calling McCoy a Chihuahua, a poodle, a little girl, a Twitter gangster (my personal favorite), Lady Gaga and a woman.

Giants wide receiver Steve Smith, who is scheduled to be a free agent, then got into the mix, posting a photo of the Giants' last Super Bowl win and the Eagles' empty trophy case.

And now, Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck has chimed in.

Joining Mike and Mike in the Morning, Tuck said he and his teammates take issue with McCoy's Tweet.

"Yes, we will take that personally," Tuck said. "He might want to watch some film before he starts talking about a defensive end of Osi's quality. I don't know where he would say something of that nature because obviously I think Osi's stats back up the fact that he's a pretty good NFL football player."

It probably is beside the point, but McCoy in a roundabout way was probably complimenting Tuck when he called Umenyiora the third-best defensive lineman on his own team. In other words, he was saying Tuck is better.

Tuck also had a problem with McCoy using Twitter to relay his message, rather than addressing Umenyiora face to face.

"I honestly think social media has made people cowards," Tuck said. "Where I'm from, if you had a problem with somebody, you said it to their face and that was it. I think now people are hiding behind computers and smartphones to get out something they got on their chest...

"I don't know what's gotten into these young guys. It is what is is. I think Osi handled it the right way, and we'll handle it on the football field when we get the opportunity."

That opportunity will come on Sept. 25 in a Week 3 matchup at the Linc (assuming, you know, that there's football), and again on Nov. 20 at the Meadowlands in Week 11.

Earlier Wednesday, I took a look at roster turnover since the Eagles lost to the Patriots in Super Bowl 39.

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