Would Fitzgerald lobby for McNabb?

Would Larry Fitzgerald welcome Donovan McNabb in Arizona? (Eric Mencher / Staff Photographer)

Two years ago, Eagles fans had dreams of luring Larry Fitzgerald away from the Cardinals and teaming him up with Donovan McNabb.

Those were the days when every wide receiver rumor involved the Birds, regardles of how unrealistic each one seemed.

Now, a similar scenario is playing out, except in reverse.

Fitzgerald joined WIP's Howard Eskin last week and was asked if McNabb would be playing for the Cardinals next season.

"I doubt it very seriously," Fitzgerald said. "... How do you turn a quarterback away that's taken you to the promise land every single year? I mean he's been in the league 11 years, eight playoff appearances. Name me another quarterback that's done that, besides Peyton Manning."

But if McNabb were on the market, would Fitzgerald consider going to Cardinals management and urging them to make a run at him?

After some laughter, he responded, "Donovan's an amazing quarterback, one that anybody would love to play with, but I think Matt's [Leinart] ready to take the reins and lead us."

Asked one more time if he'd lobby for McNabb, Fitzgerald laughed again before saying, "I don't think Andy Reid wants to lose McNabb."

He tried not to ruffle any feathers, but Fitzgerald certainly did not sound like he'd be upset if the Cardinals entertained the thought of acquiring McNabb.

Meanwhile, another radio clip you have to listen to. Former Redskin, Giant and Penn State Nittany Lion LaVar Arrington delivered a tremendous radio rant in response to comments made by his ex-teammate, Clinton Portis.

If you have some time today, definitely give it a listen. Just another chapter in the PSU-Miami rivalry, I guess. JoePa would be proud with this one.