What they're saying: Vick's effect on McNabb

Catching up on some national opinions about the Michael Vick signing.

And most of it is positive, with people calling the Eagles and Vick a pretty good match.

Interestingly enough, quite a bit has been written about how this will affect Donovan McNabb's psyche. McNabb said yesterday that he lobbied for the Eagles to add Vick, but apparently not everyone believes him.

Here is a sampling of national opinion. We'll do more links later.

SI.com's Peter King calls the Eagles and Vick a near-perfect match, but wonders how it will affect McNabb:

This is a great segue to Vick's second career. What I'd be a concerned about is the effect the signing will have on Donovan McNabb. There are those around the Eagles who think that -- despite McNabb kissing and making up with Reid and the organization after his ugly benching last November for poor play -- the incumbent really doesn't trust Reid. Despite what he'll say publicly, and he'll say all the right things, McNabb may begin to think deep down that Reid is trying to replace him again.

Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post seems to take the other side with McNabb:

Vick is an Eagle because of his relationship with Donavan McNabb and because of McNabb’s ability to handle the situation. McNabb is tough and doesn’t let things bother him, but this signing has the potential to be a disaster for him. We all know the backup quarterback is the favorite of the fans, especially in Philadelphia.

Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com calls the move a slap in the face for McNabb:

The signing of Michael Vick is another indication of that. Just another slap in the face of McNabb who's been smacked so many times he must feel like a punch drunk Mike Tyson. It constantly seems as if the city of Philadelphia and the Eagles organization can't wait to ship McNabb's big butt out of town as quickly as possible. Oh, and that's what the Vick signing means. If you don't believe that Vick is McNabb's heir -- sooner rather than later -- you're a fool. McNabb is once again being prepped for pasture.

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post takes a look at Vick's role with the Eagles, and sounds excited:

Sure, we can talk about the wildcat, but I’m thinking bigger. Put him on the field with McNabb at the same time, create specific packages for him in the red zone, backed up and in third down situations. Align him in the slot, in the backfield and use pre-snap movement to get him the ball quickly — with blockers and open field in front of him. Lots and lots of options, folks.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen thinks Philly is a good fit for Vick:

It had to be a team with a strong owner. A strong organization. A strong head coach. A passionate fan base. And, yes, an established, stable quarterback. That was a strategy that was thoughtfully formed by Vick's agent, Joel Segal, and certainly endorsed by coach-turned-mentor Tony Dungy, commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith. Oh, and Vick himself.

Alex Marvez of FoxSports.com says Reid deserves the benefit of the doubt:

So let's give Reid the benefit of the doubt after Thursday's stunning signing of disgraced quarterback Michael Vick. But for his sake and that of the Eagles, Reid's hunch had better be right. This is the kind of boom-or-bust decision that could help bring Reid his first Super Bowl title or tear his team apart. The stakes are that high.