Week 10 NFL picks

Last week: 6-8
Overall: 65-59-4

Broncos at Browns

Week 10 picks come to you early this week with the Thursday night game on NFL Network. If you want to know how badly my main fantasy football team is doing (and I'm sure you don't), I was very excited to stake claim to Brady Quinn off waivers earlier this week. He'll get the start at 8:15 this evening. Don't be 'that guy' who forgets to set his lineup with the early game.

The pick: Browns (-3)

Jaguars at Lions

Where does Jacksonville rank among this season's disappointments? Remember the playoffs last year? They went into Pittsburgh, beat the Steelers and then played New England tough. This season? The Jags have lost three of four, are 3-5 overall, and Jack Del Rio just sent linebacker Mike Peterson home, switched lockers around, told players to turn down the music and questioned his team chemistry. As for the Lions, things haven't gotten much better since the Matt Millen firing. How do I know? Blog posts like this one -- Culpepper should start, but what if he stinks? -- are still showing up on the Detroit Free Press' Web site. For the record, I think he will stink. When's the last time Culpepper was good? 2004?

The pick: Jaguars (-6.5)

Titans at Bears

Got to watch most of the Titans-Packers game last week. Tennessee is good, no question. But I'm not convinced the Titans are the clear-cut favorites in the AFC. The Packers were able to move the ball, specifically through the air, on that defense. And the Titans rank 25th and 31st in punt and kick coverage, respectively. That could  hurt them eventually, maybe even this week with Devin Hester.  But I'm tired of picking against the Titans and getting burned.

The pick: Titans (-3)

Bills at Patriots

A woman was caught having sex with her boyfriend in the women's restroom near section 336 of Ralph Wilson Stadium during the third quarter of the Bills-Jets game last week, according to the Buffalo News. There are several reasons why it's a bad idea to go to an NFL game with your significant other, but this has to rank near the top. And if a baby somehow was produced from this incident, well...I better just move on.

The pick: Patriots (-3.5)

Saints at Falcons

Time for MC's pick of the week. MC's record on the season: 3-6.

Saints are 0-3 on the road and Falcons are 3-0 at home. The Saints have yet to put together two wins in a row and are coming off a win over San Diego last week.

The pick: Falcons (-1)

Seahawks at Dolphins

Let's recap the Joey Porter news this week, shall we? Porter said Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall was soft and would "mope and cry" if he didn't get the ball. Marshall said Porter had popcorn muscles and danced with his shirt off at nightclubs like a girl. Personally, I thought that was a pretty good comeback. Porter then took aim at Jaguars receiver Matt Jones: "I’m still trying to figure out how a guy who gets caught with cocaine in his car and he still plays the game and nothing happens to him, and he had no penalty or nothing." A big thank you to guys like Porter who make this NFL blogging thing a cinch.

The pick: Seahawks (+8.5)

Packers at Vikings

Are the Vikings really 4-2 since Gus Frerotte took over the starting gig? I think the Packers are pretty much a lock to win this division. They never put it all together last week, but the Packers can move the ball through the air. By the way, instead of getting this game on Sunday, those of us in the Philadelphia-area will be treated to Jets-Rams. Sweet.

The pick: Packers (+2.5)

Panthers at Raiders

It's tough to imagine a more dysfunctional team than the Raiders. Think about it. If you were going to make a movie about a professional football team, say the Charlotte Headbangers, and wanted to write a script where everything went wrong, you could follow the Raiders of 2008. Coach fired? Check. Owner delivers insane press conference? Check. Big-name rookie QB underachieving? Check. High-priced free-agent acquisition released? Check.

The pick: Panthers (-9.5)

Chiefs at Chargers

I just looked at the AFC West standings. Do you even know who's in first place? It's the Broncos at 4-4. But then I moved to the right to check out the "STRK" category which tells us how many in a row the teams have won or lost. The Broncos have lost three in a row; San Diego two in a row; Oakland two in a row; and Kansas City four in a row. So overall, AFC West teams have lost 11 games in a row. What is the record for such a streak? Someone get Elias on the phone.

The pick: Chiefs (+15.5)

Giants at Eagles

I just don't see it folks. I'm normally a level-headed fan who is far from negative, but I don't see the Birds pulling it off this week. I've watched every minute of every game this season along with some of you in our live chats, and the Eagles look a little above mediocre to me. They go through stretches offensively where finding the end zone is a major struggle. And while I think the defense is pretty good, it's certainly not dominant. I see the offense struggling in this one, and the defense giving up just enough big plays to give the Giants the edge in a low-scoring affair. Hope I'm wrong.

The pick: Giants (+3)

Ravens at Texans

The Ravens are 5-3 and have won three in a row. The Texans are 3-5 and lost quarterback Matt Schaub. Yet Baltimore is only a one-point favorite? Why do I feel like this is one of those "Vegas knows something I don't know" games? Anyway...

The pick: Ravens (-1)

49ers at Cardinals

In 2007, Mike Singletary interviewed for two head coaching jobs. I wonder if during those interviews he was asked what he would tell his players at halftime if they were getting beat badly. "I would pull my pants down to prove a point," he may have answered. That killed me. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click on the link. All I can say is I can't have enough Mike Singletary in my life at this point.

The pick: 49ers (+9.5)

Time to go to the gym and work on my popcorn muscles...

Please note that sportsbook.com does not currently have a line for Steelers-Colts. Thanks to friend and loyal reader Lemur for the heads-up on this.