T.O. returning to Superstars

I did not catch the first episode of 'The Superstars' on ABC, but judging by how many people read philly.com's story about the show earlier this week, a lot of you did tune in.

So we thought it might be of interest to some of you that Terrell Owens and his partner Joanna Krupa will return to the show after getting kicked off last week.

Per the video below, Jennifer Capriati had to quit because of a shoulder injury, allowing T.O. and Krupa to get back on.

The clips remind me of MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge, which is wildly entertaining. So I'll admit that I'm slightly intrigued.

And I don't want to miss my chance to see Owens get cursed at and talked down to by a woman like we saw last week.

So to those who watched the first episode, is it worth me tuning in?