Saints annoyed by Reid's timeout?

Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune pointed something out in his article Wednesday that I'm kicking myself for not including earlier in the week.

It focuses on the way the Eagles and Saints ended last weekend's game.

On the Birds' final offensive drive, which started with 47 seconds left, it appeared that things would play out the way we're used to in the NFL.

On three consecutive plays, New Orleans rushed four linemen as Kevin Kolb dropped back to pass. He found tight end Brent Celek for an 11-yard gain with seven seconds left. 

That's when Joe Buck announced "That should do it. ... And no, it won't do it because Philadelphia calls a timeout. Wow."

Most watching, including those in our chat, had the same reaction. A timeout with seven seconds left when you're down 21 points in Week 2? Why not just head to the locker room and start healing for Week 3?

But as we've seen with Andy Reid many times through the years, if he has a chance to get another offensive play in, he's probably going to go ahead and do it.

And so Kolb and company returned to the field for one more play. But this time, instead of just rushing four, Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams brought two defensive backs from the left side on a blitz. They pressured Kolb and forced his third interception.

I love this kind of stuff. I have no problem with Reid calling timeout. If he wanted to get Kolb another play and maybe send a message to his players, that's fine with me.

At the same time, I have no problem with Williams sending blitzers. If the Eagles were trying to score, the Saints had every right to try and stop them. That's the way it works. Regardless of the circumstances.

It should be noted that on the Eagles' previous drive, when Kolb was pick-sixed by Darren Sharper, the Saints' defense was blitzing. That was with 1:10 left.

And even earlier in the fourth quarter (just over nine minutes left, Eagles trailing, 41-20), Fox sideline reporter Pam Oliver said she heard Williams on the sideline telling the defense to finish strong. Per Oliver, Williams told his players that he wanted "to see Kevin Kolb punished."

Maybe this all amounts to nothing. Or maybe we reference this blog post in January when the Eagles and Saints are meeting in the playoffs. As we know, a lot can happen between now and then.

One other note that I could use some help from you all on. After Reid called the timeout, the camera shifted to the Saints' sideline. Drew Brees was talking to some assistants and players. At one point, he makes a gesture, pointing to his ring finger and says something, but I cannot make out the words. Too bad we don't have Jerry's girlfriend around to help us out (clip below). Brees' actions could be totally unrelated to the timeout. Or not. I have no idea. Just something to point out in case anyone has some insight.

Much more later today. We'll take a look at the Eagles from a national perspective after two weeks and get a visit from our friend Dave Staley of The Web site has yet to list a line or over/under for Sunday's game against the Saints.