Rosenhaus expects Boldin trade

Anquan Boldin's agent Drew Rosenhaus said during an ESPN interview that if he had to make a prediction today, he'd say his client will be traded by the Arizona Cardinals.

Of course, I'm not sure how much stock you should put into his prognostication, considering Rosenhaus said the Cardinals have not told him what teams are interested.

Rosenhaus added that he has had zero talks with other teams about a possible contract with Boldin. ESPN yesterday reported that the Titans had asked for and received permission to speak with Rosenhaus.

Other draft buzz, rumors and predictions:

** Here's what I think the Eagles' plan is. Sit on No. 21 and hope Georgia running back Knowshon Moreno is there. If he's not, trade down, and either select another running back or another player.

** I wouldn't be surprised if that "other player" was a pass rusher or defensive back.

** So much buzz over USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, but I think he could slip a little further than some are anticipating. I'm not expecting the Rams to take him at No. 2. I don't see the Seahawks taking him at four, and I don't think the Broncos will take him either. But maybe I'm crazy.

** LSU defensive lineman Tyson Jackson appears to be rising up everyone's boards. Could he be a top-five pick?

** At first I didn't think Moreno would be there at No. 21 for the Eagles, but I think I'm changing my mind. I hear some predicting that the Chargers will take him at No. 16, but that doesn't make sense to me.

** Earlier I profiled Pitt running back LeSean McCoy, who Sports Illustrated projects as the Eagles' pick at No. 21.

** Yesterday we wrote about Chris Mortensen's report that the Raiders are shopping DE Derrick Burgess. He mentioned the Eagles as one of potential landing spots. I couldn't remember if he said the other team was the Panthers or the Patriots, but he repeated the report today, and it was Carolina.

** Don't forget, we're nearing our live first-round chat. 3:30 people. Be sure to join me.