Roseman's first impression

Howie Roseman has his hands full in his first season as the Eagles' GM. (Michael S. Wirtz / Staff Photographer)

Update: As you may have heard by now, the Eagles have announced that they've extended the contract of president Joe Banner.

Update 2: Roseman defended himself to the Daily News' Paul Domowitch over on Eagletarian.

From earlier:

A couple links to pass along this morning.

The first you may have already seen. It's from Tuesday, but I haven't seen it mentioned or linked to on our site yet. It comes from Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports.

Silver takes a look at the Donovan McNabb situation, but his column places the focus (and the blame) on Eagles general manager Howie Roseman.

Silver says some NFL executives view Roseman as a "shakedown artist" and are prone to ignore his calls because of their experiences with him.

"That’s where I think ego gets in the way," one unnamed GM told Silver. "Quite a few teams are quickly realizing that they don’t want to do business with Philly. With McNabb, I think [Roseman’s] trying to be too smart for his own good. Instead of trying to put a feather in his cap by walking way with a lopsided trade, which you rarely get in this league, he should try to get a legitimate deal done. In the long run, you don’t want to be known as the guy who wants to bamboozle people. I think they’re being unrealistic, and it’s putting them in a funky spot."

The same GM said Roseman was "unrealistic" in his demands for Sheldon Brown earlier this offseason.

There's no doubt that Roseman will make his mark (good or bad) with how the Eagles' quarterback situation plays out this offseason.

An interesting question is: When will we know if the Eagles did a good or bad job here? When they make a decision one way or another, we'll all have our opinions. If they deal McNabb, though, a fair judgment probably can't be made until Kevin Kolb's career plays out. Fair or unfair, Kolb's performance and analyzing whether the Eagles chose the right time to cut ties with McNabb are directly related.

Other links:

Andrew Brandt has an interesting piece over at the National Football Post about the Eagles' decision to make May 5 the date that McNabb will receive a $6.2M roster bonus. Basically, when they reworked his deal last offseason, they structured it in a way that would allow them maximum time to decide on McNabb. Based on this piece, even if McNabb is not traded during draft weekend, hold off until May 5 before conceding that he'll definitely be back.

* Late Wednesday night, we posted on a couple more draft visits/workouts. You can check out the complete list here.

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