Report: Eagles reached out to Dunn

The Eagles' running back situation was one of the biggest concerns facing the team as it headed to Lehigh.

How would Brian Westbrook's rehab go? Would LeSean McCoy pick up the offense?

Those were the questions, and now that we've had some time, the answers seem pretty encouraging.

Westbrook has been ahead of schedule with his rehab and looks like a man 100 percent focused on proving people wrong and showing he still has something left. In fact, I'm totally drinking the Kool-Aid on Westbrook. I'm fully prepared to reach to get him in my first fantasy draft Sunday.

And as for McCoy, well, anyone who reads MTC knows I've been impressed with just about everything the second-round pick has done so far. I've been on the bandwagon from Day One and really think he has a bright future here.

Where does that leave my level of concern? Certainly not as high as it used to be, and certainly not as high as some others. Offensive line is definitely a bigger worry, and pass rush, linebacker and safety might rank above the running back question as well.

So why am I writing about this on a stormy Tuesday night in mid-August?

Because of this report from's Steve Wyche. Wyche writes that veteran running back Warrick Dunn has had multiple teams reach out to him, including the Eagles. The other team he mentions is the Seattle Seahawks.

A source close to Dunn tells Wyche that discussions between the Birds and Dunn never really got anywhere because of "an inability to reach contract terms." Which says to me that the Eagles might have looked in to adding the veteran RB at some point, but it's probably not happening.

I'd be interested to know when the Eagles reached out to him though. If it was recently, that might signal that Westbrook isn't as far along as we've been led to believe. If it was a month ago, that would make more sense. Like I mentioned above, the team at that point likely had running back marked as a serious concern going into camp.

Back in early June, I wrote that if the Eagles were to pursue a veteran running back for depth, Dunn made the most sense. As I said at the time, Dunn carried 186 times for 786 yards last year, averaging 4.2 yards per carry. And he can still catch the ball, having tallied 47 receptions for 330 yards. Plus he'd be a good veteran presence in the locker room.

At this point, though, if Westbrook is as healthy as he appears, I'd be pretty surprised if the Birds made a move.

For what it's worth, Dunn and Michael Vick played together for five seasons in Atlanta.

Here are Dunn's stats in case you want to take a look.

And earlier we wrote about Brian Dawkins' take on Vick's addition and its effect on Donovan McNabb.