No love for Andy from ESPN rankings

Earlier this week, we wrote about ESPN's 'Ultimate Standings' which had the Eagles as 44th overall and 15th in the NFL.

As I mentioned, the rankings were based on eight different categories.

When I first took a look, the one that stood out to me for the Eagles was 'Stadium Experience' where they ranked 74th overall and 15th in the NFL. I argued that the ranking was too low, given the stadium experiences that ranked ahead of the Linc -- Memphis Grizzlies, Charlotte Bobcats, Washington Nationals, etc.

I was on with WIP's Morning Show today to talk about the rankings, and specifically the stadium experiences of the four teams in Philadelphia.

But when I looked at the rankings again, another category stood out to me: Coaching.

The category was defined as "strength of on-field leadership."

Guess where Andy Reid came in.



According to the rankings, 13 coaches in the NFL exhibit better on-field leadership than Reid, which I think even his harshest critics would find ridiculous (Angelo didn't find it so ridiculous).

The teams/coaches ahead of Reid, in order: Patriots (Bill Belichick), Titans (Jeff Fisher), Steelers (Mike Tomlin), Cardinals (Ken Whisenhunt), 49ers (Mike Singletary), Falcons (Mike Smith), Giants (Tom Coughlin), Ravens (John Harbaugh), Dolphins (Tony Sparano), Saints (Sean Payton), Jaguars (Jack Del Rio), Jets (Rex Ryan), Panthers (John Fox).


Is there a franchise in the NFL that would want Del Rio over Reid if given the option?

Singletary hasn't coached a full season. Ryan hasn't coached a single game. The ones that have won a Super Bowl as a head coach are Belichick, Tomlin and Coughlin.

I don't get it.