National media blames Reid

I am off from my day job this week so I've been taking in everyone's opinions on Andy Reid, Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb and the Eagles this morning.

The Inquirer and Daily News reporters and columnists have everything you need in terms of local coverage in's Eagles section. And I offered my 10 observations right after the game. Be sure to check this afternoon for the latest from Reid's press conference.

Here's a sampling of what they're saying nationally. I'll have more links later today and tomorrow:

On ESPN this morning, Merrill Hoge basically said Reid's system is flawed:

"Here's what the Eagles do for you. We're gonna make it easy on you. We're not going to run the ball. We're gonna be one-dimensional for you therefore it's much easier to defend the Eagles. You understand their passing game can be very dynamic, very good at times but it's the only thing we must defend. It's the only concern we have so when your quarterback like Donovan and even Kevin Kolb are struggling, what do the Eagles do, and in this case Andy Reid, do to help them? Nothing. They keep chucking the ball. They keep putting him in bad situations... If Kevin Kolb is your starter and you choose to play just like this, he's gonna look just like Donovan, maybe worse."

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN wondered what the crowd's reaction would be Thursday if McNabb started:

"Thanksgiving night, Lincoln Financial Field, I wonder if you want to subject Donovan McNabb to the almost certain disgust and booing that will come from the fans when he is announced as the starting quarterback and every time he throws an incompletion, everybody in the stadium looking for that cutaway shot, everybody in the TV audience, everybody in the press box, maybe even some of his teammates on the field, looking for that cutaway shot of Kevin Kolb. OK, when is he going to come in? Every time there's an incompletion or an interception, do you want McNabb to go out like that in a very undignified way?"

On NFL Network, Steve Mariucci said he disagreed with his friend Reid's decision:

"I'm surprised he did it, especially 10-7 at halftime. I understand Donovan's in a slump a little bit. So are the Philadelphia Eagles. It's not always one guy. We know that, but to put a new quarterback in against a great defense at Baltimore, that's tough to ask Kevin Kolb to do much more than Donovan could. I don't know. I'm curious about this move...I would have kept Donovan playing."

Mariucci was also asked about Reid not being the one to tell McNabb he was being benched. Here was his response:

"They've been joined at the hip for 10 years. I thought if they were gonna do it, Andy might go up to him and say 'hey listen, we're gonna let the other guy go. Stay in the game. We need a spark. That's it. We'll talk about it later.' But he had the assistant coach do it. That surprises me as well."

And finally, Deion Sanders disagreed with McNabb's benching:

"They have no running game so the burden relies on the quarterback to just make heroic efforts on the passing game. The Philadelphia Eagles, they're not that type of team. Defensively they're OK, but offensively, full of struggles."

Deion was asked what the players might be thinking after yesterday's events:

"That he [Reid] don't know what he's doing. After all this time, after all we've gone through, you don't know what you're doing and Donovan McNabb is your leader. You don't have an offensive leader. That is it. He's your guy."

Like I said, I'll pass along some of what the national writers are saying later today.