NY writer doesn't believe in Eagles

A friend e-mailed me this column today by Gary Myers of the New York Daily News.

The headline: Believe me, Eagles won't beat the Giants on Sunday.

DeSean Jackson on the cover of SI. (Photo credit / Sports Illustrated)

Here's an excerpt:

They didn't even win 10 regular-season games. They tied their November game with the laughable Bengals, much to the surprise of Donovan McNabb. One week later, McNabb was benched for the second half of a dreadful loss in Baltimore, and it wasn't so he could travel to the NFL offices to be quizzed on the rulebook. The Eagles snuck into the playoffs on the final Sunday after the Bears and Bucs lost and they demolished the Cowboys when Tony Romo was so awful he must have been distracted by the prospect of going on vacation and bumping into Woody Johnson. And in the wild-card round, they were hardly overwhelming against the Vikings, who elected to play the game without a quarterback.

And one more:

It's laughable when people say the Eagles are playing with house money. Why is that? All they have to lose Sunday is their season. They didn't come into the season believing it would be a success if they lost in the divisional round to one of their hated rivals. The Eagles come flying into Giants Stadium but will pack up their season and leave by bus.

Well, I guess it depends on who you ask. Rod Boone of Newsday said in today's live chat that if he had to pick right now, he'd go with the Eagles.

Meanwhile, did you see who's gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated? DeSean Jackson. Jinx? No jinx? What do we think?

Keep in mind it's a regional cover. Darren Sproles and the Chargers are also on a cover in a different part of the country. And so are Larry Fitzgerald and the Cardinals. The Cardinals? Dangerous? Really?