McNabb's new offensive line

When Donovan McNabb addressed the media this afternoon, he was asked about adjusting to a new offensive line.

Right now, there are only two players -- Todd Herremans at left guard and Jamaal Jackson at center -- who are expected to play the same position as last season.

McNabb talked specifically about new left tackle Jason Peters.

“It’s a big adjustment because that communication has to be there," McNabb said. "I have to have a great feel of his kickbacks, or if he’s getting the inside rush, how he’s going to be able to force them inside. If they have a looper, will that give me an opportunity to step-slide left in the pocket, how he’s going to be able to adjust. He’s going to have to be able to pick up on the cadence and a lot of different things that we do from quarterback to running back communication, and it’s going to take time. It’s going to take some time."

I imagine the adjustment would be more on Peters' part. McNabb's escapability (is that a word?) is rivaled by few quarterbacks in the league. It will take Peters some time to get used to where McNabb is headed when he gets out of the pocket and is still looking for a receiver.

Anyway, Paul Domowitch of the Daily News talked more about this in today's video report from camp.