Man up: Eagles' offense vs. Tampa

Our weekly player-by-player breakdown of the Eagles' offense:

Donovan McNabb – He showed no signs of still being affected by the rib injury. McNabb's 51-yard touchdown to Jeremy Maclin in the first quarter was a beauty. Overall the numbers were great: 16-for-21 for 264 yards and there touchdowns. He showed good touch, hitting Brent Celek in stride for a 38-yard gain in the second quarter. McNabb also scrambled a couple times for 30 yards. To nitpick, he missed badly on an attempt to Jason Avant in the first quarter.

Michael Vick – He attempted three passes in garbage time and none of the plays were impressive. Vick did not look comfortable on the option toss to LeSean McCoy on 3rd-and-3 in the fourth quarter. The play drew groans from the crowd. Overall he had four carries for 10 yards.

Brian Westbrook – I know everyone's quick to say he's done, but Westbrook only had six carries. Too small a sample size for me to judge how much quickness he has lost. As a receiver, he made a nice adjustment on a 20-yard catch in the third quarter. Good play design as he was matched up down the sideline with a Bucs linebacker. Westbrook also had his first rushing touchdown of the season.

LeSean McCoy - He made a really nice play in the third quarter, making a catch 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage, before making a defender miss and picking up 10 yards. McCoy also had a nice 9-yard run out of the Wildcat in the third quarter. Overall, six carries for 14 yards and two catches for 15.

Leonard Weaver – He scored his first touchdown as an Eagles with a 20-yard TD catch in the second quarter. A well-designed play that had Tampa defenders looking completely confused off play-action. Perhaps more importantly, long-term, Weaver picked up a short-yardage first down on 2nd-and-1 in the third quarter.

Winston Justice – He had a rougher time than in previous weeks. Defensive lineman Jimmy Wilkerson knocked Justice over in the third quarter and batted down a McNabb pass on third down. Later in the quarter, Wilkerson beat him for a sack. McNabb held on to the ball for awhile on the play, but Justice still got beat.

Max Jean-Gilles – He did an outstanding job clearing out Bucs defensive tackle Roy Miller on Westbrook’s third-quarter TD run. Jean-Gilles also did an exceptional job on Weaver's 3-yard run on 2nd-and-1 in the third quarter.

Stacy Andrews – He rotated in at right guard, although it was still mostly Jean-Gilles. Andrews did a nice job in pass protection on Celek’s 38-yard catch. He also looked good on McCoy’s 2-yard Wildcat run in third quarter. It will be interesting to see how the coaches rotate him in going forward.

Jamaal Jackson – He actually stood out in pass protection. The Eagles have had a soft schedule so far, but the interior of their line has been very good in protection. Jackson also did a nice job on a 5-yard Westbrook run in the first quarter. He doesn’t seem to do well on plays that require more athleticism -- screens, etc.

Nick Cole – He did a nice job on Westbrook's 5-yard run in the first quarter. He got beat on a Westbrook run in the third quarter that went for just a yard. Overall Cole has done a good job, but it's not unusual to see a lapse here and there from week to week.

Jason Peters – He's at the point where the opposing defensive end isn't getting anywhere close to McNabb. I'm excited to see how Peters fares against some of the more upper echelon DEs later in the season. He did a nice job on Westbrook's 5-yard run in the first quarter. As the schedule gets tougher, I fully expect the offense to utilize his athleticism on run plays, whether they're out of the Wildcat or not. He lined up at right tackle on a Wildcat run to McCoy in the fourth quarter. Justice lined up next to him on the inside.

Brent Celek – Was he playing tight end or right tackle? He was lined up with DEs several time throughoutht the day on blocking assignments. Celek did a nice job on Wilkerson (one-on-one) during McNabb’s 51-yard TD pass to Maclin in first quarter. Later he was tossed aside by DE Tim Crowder during a Westbrook run that went for no gain. On the receiving end, he had the 38-yard catch and four receptions for 58 yards overall. The hurdle looks cool, but I could do without it. I feel like you leave yourself vulnerable that way.

Alex Smith – Was in the game when the Eagles went to two tight ends. He threw a block to make sure McNabb could get out of bounds on his 13-yard scramble to start the game.

Jeremy Maclin – A breakout game with six catches for 142 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Maclin made a nice 17-yard leaping grab on a bullet from McNabb in the second quarter. He did a good job shifting from receiver to blocker on a 17-yard McNabb run at the end of the second. And Maclin made a great adjustment on the second touchdown catch.

DeSean Jackson – McNabb said yesterday that the Bucs were rolling coverage to Jackson's side and trying to take him away, which they did. He had just one catch for 1 yard and was called for offensive pass interference.

Jason Avant – It was a quiet day for him also. Just one catch for 12 yards. Avant had his usual third-down conversion, picking up 12 on a 3rd-and-7 in the first quarter.