LeBron, McNabb and a shot at Eagles fans

I was about to call it a night when this link caught my eye on Twitter, courtesy of The 700 Level.

It's a video on ESPN.com by Rachel Nichols titled LeBron Breaks Hearts in Cleveland.

So why in the world am I writing about this on an NFL/Eagles blog? Especially when I know how sick most of you are by the LeBron coverage?

That's a good question. Go ahead and watch, or just fast forward to the 46-second mark. You'll see a familiar face: Donovan McNabb. Here is part of the monologue from Nichols:

James was one of them. And if James was the greatest basketball player on earth, then fans whose only reflection had been failure could finally too claim some greatness. It's the reason people here never turned on him the way other cities have turned on their sports stars, even when James didn't deliver a title over seven years.

That part about people in other cities turning on their sports stars? Yeah, that's when they throw in a still frame of McNabb.

All I could do was crack up when I watched it. The video is only 1 minute, 33 seconds long. There is only ONE non-Cleveland-related image, and it is of McNabb in an Eagles uniform.

My only conclusion is that whoever edited the piece lost some kind of wager where he/she was forced to somehow take a jab at Eagles fans, despite producing a video that is so unrelated it's comical. It's the only thing that makes sense.

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