What did the Chiefs want for Gonzalez?

In an interview with FoxSports.com's Jay Glazer, Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez said he was "shocked" that he wasn't dealt before Tuesday's trade deadline passed.

The Eagles and Giants, of course, were among the teams rumored to be interested in Gonzalez.

So what was the asking price?

"I know teams offered a third and in the end, Carl [Peterson, Chiefs president and GM] made the asking price a second," Gonzalez told Glazer. "I'm very disappointed that he didn't go through with it after he told me he was going to try to make it happen. I've been around this league a long time, it's a business. There's nothing I can do about it. I was pissed off about it, but I'll get over it. I won't let it affect my play and my preparation."

Glazer later explains that teams increased their offers throughout the day yesterday:

As the day progressed, several teams involved began increasing their offers. A few came up to a fourth while a pair came up to a third. The Chiefs, however, will remain steadfast with a second rounder.

Gonzalez turns 33 in February. He's the NFL's all-time leading receiver among tight ends. He has 21 catches for 193 yards and two touchdowns on the season. But keep in mind, the Chiefs have the worst pass offense in the league, averaging just 136.6 yards per game.

Last year, Gonzalez caught 99 balls for 1,172 yards and five touchdowns.

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