Eagles the favorites to land Boldin?

ESPN's John Clayton said on TV last night that he believes the Eagles and Giants are the favorites to land Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin if Arizona opts to trade him.

Now we need to offer a disclaimer here. Clayton did not indicate he had sources telling him the Eagles would be interested. He was simply asked his opinion, and whenever a wide receiver becomes available, the Eagles seem to be mentioned. Clayton reasoned that the Eagles have a pair of first-round picks so they could be a major player if a trade was to go down.

Every time we mention Boldin, we must point out that he is not a free agent. Boldin still has two years left on his deal. He's made it clear that his problem is not with his teammates, the fans or the state of Arizona. His problem is with management because he feels like they have not come through on their promise of a new deal.

And we must always mention that Boldin's agent is Drew Rosenhaus.

According to Clayton, it would take at least a first- and a third-round pick to land Boldin.

I know some are reasoning that Boldin is a better player than Dallas' Roy Williams, and the Cowboys gave up a first-, third- and sixth-round pick for the ex-Lions receiver. But wasn't everyone in agreement at the time that Dallas gave up too much for Williams? And how did that pan out last season (19 catches for 198 yards and a TD in 10 games)? Just saying, I'm not sure I buy the whole "Boldin has at least as much value as Williams" theory. I think the Dallas deal was a pretty unique situation.

That's my two cents.

In a reader mailbag on ESPN.com, someone asked about the possibility of the Giants landing Boldin, and Clayton wrote that they would have to "outbid the Eagles."

Now on to some more of this week's other Eagles links:

Rick Gosselin of The Dallas Morning News compiled his special teams rankings for the 2008 season, and the Eagles finished tied for 12th. Gosselin ranks the teams in 22 different categories like touchdowns, blocked kicks, forced turnovers, punt returns, etc. The Eagles were last in the category of blocked kicks against with four.

Les Bowen touched on this over at Eagletarian yesterday, but here's the link. Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports says Donovan McNabb wants a financial apology from the Eagles:

After being benched briefly in November and then coming back to lead the Eagles to a the NFC Championship game, McNabb and agent Fletcher Smith want Philadelphia to come through with a financial commitment to him. McNabb, 32, has two years remaining on his contract, which complicates things for Philadelphia. If there’s no meeting of the minds, expect that McNabb will skip the offseason program. That won’t be popular in Philadelphia, but McNabb hasn’t ever really been all that popular with the fans anyway. The way he and Smith likely see it, what is there to lose?

CBSSports.com's Pete Prisco had the Eagles fourth in his season-ending power rankings:

The Andy Reid-Donovan McNabb duo is back for another season, and that's a good thing. They have to figure out a way to throw it vertically better and they need more from their running game.