Eagles, penalties and replays

At training camp, members of the NFL's officiating crew stopped by and gave us a booklet with some interesting nuggets about penalties, replay challenges and more.

The Birds were whistled for 12 penalties for 87 yards in Thursday night's loss to the Colts. Against the Patriots, eight for 98. Obviously, the lack of starters on the field explains part of that, but the numbers are still not encouraging.

From 1999-2008, no team challenged fewer plays than the Eagles. Andy Reid tossed the red flag just 42 times during that span.

Last year, the Eagles were tied for the fewest false start penalties in the league with the Broncos. Just 13 all season. Why do I have a feeling that this number is going to go up in 2009?

Some other links to pass along:

** Mike Lombardi of the National Football Post lists blue-chippers for each team. For the Eagles, he names Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, Trent Cole and Jason Peters. Just missing the cut are DeSean Jackson, Shawn Andrews and Asante Samuel.

** SI.com's Ross Tucker keeps the Donovan McNabb-Michael Vick conversation going:

Can you imagine Peyton Manning or Tom Brady lobbying to bring a player on the team that would likely entail some plays where they are not under center? And thinking that gives their team the best chance to win? I can't.

** And as Eagletarian points out, the Eagles could sign free-agent tight end Tony Curtis.