Dawk on '09 return to Linc

I just finished listening to the Brian Dawkins interview with Jody Mac and Harry Mayes on ESPN 950.

Les Bowen over at Eagletarian got most of the notable quotes last night. It was the first time, to our knowledge, that Dawkins talked about the negotiations with the Eagles.

Just a couple more excerpts to share from the interview.

On his return to the Linc next year when the Eagles host the Broncos:

"I know it's going to be very emotional. I know I'm a guy that, you all know, I play with my emotions on my sleeve as it is, and to be back in the house that I called home for so long and to have fans that have called me their brother, their uncle, for so long, it's gonna be very, very emotional. I might not even come out for warmups at all 'cause I know I'm
gonna be so jacked up to play that game, and there's gonna be so much energy in that stadium. It's gonna be a tough one. I'm speaking now, and you know I'm so emotional, but I know I'm still gonna be very emotional going into that place because like I said, I called that home. That was my house. I didn't own it but you know what I'm saying. That was my house. That's where I partied at, that's where I had my fun at, that's where I got hurt at, that's where everything happened for me, in that house. So it's gonna be a very tough start, but once a couple of contacts happen, hopefully I'll calm down."

And Dawkins clarified at the end of the interview that when he talked about the Eagles approaching this as a "business decision," he wasn't talking about everyone.

"I've tried to keep my compusure and try to say all the right things, and I'm not trying to say everybody in that organization is out for just money. I'm not saying everybody in that organization, this was just a business deal, but I would say that that's how it was presented to me from a few, that this was just a business deal. And like I said, I don't believe everybody in that organization felt that way."

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