Could Birds have interest in Chad Johnson?

Quick little nugget before we call it a night here at MTC.

ESPN's Michael Smith said on NFL Live tonight that he's hearing the Eagles have interest in Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson.

Rather than paraphrase what Smith is reporting, here's exactly what he said so you can decide for yourself whether this is just a rumor or something more.

"I am hearing there is interest in Chad Johnson," Smith said. "Now there's been some back and forth as to whether or not he is officially on the market. I think everybody in Cincinnati has signed off on moving Chad Johnson except for owner Mike Brown. The Eagles could be in the picture. They have two first-round picks. They need a receiver."

Note: It was brought to my attention that I could have been clearer with the above quote. Smith was asked a direct question about the Eagles when he said, "I am hearing there is interest in Chad Johnson." So in my interpretation, he was directly talking about the Birds, not just saying there was general interest around the league in Johnson.

The other name Smith threw out there was Bills offensive tackle Jason Peters.

Our beat guys have mentioned Peters' name in the past, and according to Smith, the Eagles have "engaged in serious discussions" with the Bills about him. Per Smith, those talks could heat up again as the draft approaches.

Remember, Smith reported earlier this offseason that Donovan McNabb had met with Eagles management and wanted to see what weapons the Eagles would add before looking at a contract extension.

Stay tuned to to see if the Johnson rumors can be either confirmed or refuted.

And we will of course be back bright and early Wednesday morning with more.

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